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The year is 1992 and at the top of the Hot Rap Singles Chart perches "Just the Two of Us," by Chubb Rock.

Chubb Rock
Just the Two of Us
The One
I'm Too Much

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Buy this baby watch for $132.83 USD.

12:00 to 2:00 I never want to have a child.
2:00 to 4:00 Satan stare.
4:00 to 6:00 Joy and then...
6:00 to 8:00 Scowlz.
8:00 to 10:00
10:00 to 12:00 Oops! I Crapped My Pants.

Siouxsie & the Banshees are not bad. Head lady Siouxsie Sioux, which is I mean most obviously not her real name just call me Snorky McSmarks if it is, formed the group with two manman in Britland 1976.

A lot of the music is pretty typical 80s but I like the 1980s. I hate neon clothes but I like a lot of the music that the 1980s...had.

"Cities in the Dust" has a lot of ting ting ting tings in it.

Iggy Pop originally did "The Passenger" in 1977 but Sioux Sioux waited a cool ten years and covered it on Through the Looking Glass. I personally think the original is one of my favorite songs. I personally think the cover is a good cover in terms of how heinous covers rip regularly.

I have to go. My brother just compared a sippy cup to a kendo sword. "Razor sharp."

Wait, no.
"We have to find a girdle for for Emily." I just heard my mother say that. My family rules!


git up git going

if you happen to be in the nueva york vicinity this coming week, here's a few ways to get involved in the fundraising efforts in support of Haiti. fiestar for a good cause! <3

sleep all day, sleep all night


For You

Sharon Van Etten's song "For You" is indisputably gorgeous. I can listen to it in any situation and feel quite sad and hopeful at the same time which is my favorite emotion combination. I can't really think of a good example but I like feeling this way. Feeling down moving forward. Her album Because I Was In Love is sparkly rain puddle.

Sharon Van Etten - For You

She'll be playing at a film screening intermission at 92Y Tribeca January 30th.


Fashion Advice (Part Two of One)

I know a lot about the top fashions. I see the kids and study what they like to wear. I'm going to break it down and tell you what makes you look like an idiot the most. I haven't done this for a while so we need to cover a lot of ugly fashion ground. Let's do FASHION!

Harem pants:
It looks like you are wearing a poo diaper.

Quick fix: Go to the bathroom.

Jean leggings. I own a pair but only because I am fat and lazy and they are cool.

Quick fix: No hope for jegging bitches. Alternative: well-made courduroys from Land's End. I kid you not they are both spacious and on sale in fuchsia. They still have the coveted elastic waistband and no qualms for $19.99. I like these.

BIG bows:
If your neck hurts it is because you have a big ass bow atop your dome. And specifically, stop touching yourself like you are pregnant. In the fashion world there is no room for buns in the oven.

Quick fix: Bandana, thumbs up to yourself.

Intimidating embellishments:

Quick fix: Unless you are going to shank or curb-stomp some doinks later these just weigh you down. Shred!

My dad wears Carhartt. This is because he is a woodworker. Roofers, stonemasons, and other tradespeople wear Carhartt. And now, so do you. Carhartt finally made Carhartt Streetwear. Collaborations with gnar brands make the transition from wanting that pesky trust fund your greased up hands are anxious to fondle to achieving your blue-collar hopes and dreams. Rock it baby!

Quick fix: Burn your bachelor's and start shingling. Look closely! The man on the left is wearing the classic Duck Bib, style #R28. Perfect for late fall/early spring. You will love them.

In summation:
To summarize it is important to feel your clothing. It should be so soft.


The Legacy of Nani

Hearing a song for the first time is awful. You aren't used to it. It is not your childhood blankie. Or nani. My brother had a doll named Nani (Nah-nee). My grandma made it. He loved Nani so much my grandmother (who he named Nina even though her name is Geraldine) made a fleet of nanis. There are probably 15 other nanis in my attic. Nani is foul now. He looks like he was chewed on.

Hearing a song for the first time is like wearing underpants that are so small. You don't like the way it feels around your crotch but the pattern on them is cool so you hang on to them. Or like getting a paper cut. Ouchies! But once you get used to it...

There are some songs that are good. And perk up your ears the very first time you hear it. I love those songs. They are the songs I play ten times in an hour and get sick of in a week but that first week is like floating on a cloud of boomboom. Kurt Vile's "Hunchback" was this song for me yesterday. On 2009's Child Prodigy (Matador). Vile (last name none superior) has a cherub's vocal chords.
He is the guitarist for The War on Drugs. Wagonwheel Blues came out in 2008. Or nine. But not ten. Get em get em.

Kurt Vile - Child Prodigy

The War on Drugs - Wagonwheel Blues



Dog heirs?

Mailing list plastic wraps. Preview tracks from albums still in the womb. Due dates are both March 1st.

Sam Amidon - How Come That Blood

Amidon has one of the beautiful voices. I See the Sign out March 1st on Bedroom Community. He will play with Doveman and others on January 12th at Mercury Lounge. I saw them play a show together in June and this one not to be missed. Not. To be missed. Except I will be missing it. Go! Also I like the song. I was a monster-fan of All Is Well and this track wouldn't fit with that album. I would probably listen to "How Come That Blood" if I were having a panic attack or riding my bicycle to go tell someone that I loved them. I really do like it.

The Knife - Colouring of Pigeons

Tomorrow, In a Year
out on March 1st on Matador Records. This is a collaborative project with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock. It is an opera inspired by Charles Darwin. I guess this is some sort of creative experiment in the form of a two-disc recording, described here as "electro-opera." Fair warning, this is an obese 11-minute saga but it is really good. This post contains my favorite Knife song.

Christ I am eating a can of pumpkins and I am not enjoying it. I want to eat something and it cannot be a Truscuit or pork. That is all we have in the house. I think I saw some pudding in my peripheral. There was chocolate. There was butterscotch. I know me; I will mix the two together in a pudding-opera and it will taste like butt-ass and I will have to throw it out and then be p.o-ed to the max. Above is the exact can of pumpkins I am eating. Cinnamon didn't take the pain away. My heart physically hurts. I am going to keep going though as all champions finish what they start. Unless they are the champion of failing. Hurhhuh.


I made bread.

I did too. White bread.

NEW HARLEM!!!!!!! Hippies comes out April 6th.

Harlem - Friendly Ghost

See side bar for tour dates in NYC area.

I hate their music but I am in love with the band. It must be so cool to walk around being from Texas making shitty music but being really attractive to ladies. I hope they play at SXSW and I bet they will too. They did last year so if they don't this year it's a megatron fuck you to the world.

Happy Birthday, Pockets Full of Luck.


I am mortified.

UGH know when you get someone a gift and suddenly everything is so awful because they don't like you and you have this complete realization because they didn't get you a gift or they just hate you or make that face that's like sorry loser, sorry you're a loser?

Nicole Kidman - I'm In Love With A Jehovah's Witness

This is a sweet band on Kevin Greenspon's Bridgetown Records. Yeah! Same label as Cloud Nothings.

Sonic Youth - Dude Ranch Nurse

Sonic Nurse, 2004
Ahhhh mannnnah I like this song for feeling cool.

Sonic Youth - Malibu Gas Station
The Eternal, 2009
I'm getting used to this album. I am a few months behind everyone chip/now.

Separate issue:
Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory
1978 and you can't.



Sappy: sassy rap.

Ugly Duckling - Little Samba
Their songs are very conversational. It really makes you feel like you're there. Inside the song.

Lootpack - Likwit Fusion (feat the Alkaholiks & Defari)
A Madlib (another invazion) trio (add Wildchild and DJ Romes). This is from 1999's Soundpieces: Da Antidote. Click here for their complete discography.

My resolutions for 2010:
Stop being so mean.
Get into bodybuilding, more and switch out whistling for humming.
Be noticeably nicer, genuinely and listen to people when they speak.
Have a positive outlook on the present and future.
Spend less time at the library although I am not sure where that time will be spent.
Stop saying fuck and also wear leggings less in the winter.

Four out of five or five out of six are going to fail. I would ask what yours are but no one writes comments unless they are insulting and also people have a tough time sharing.