You know him, you love him. Even if you don't. His brand new is Apocalypse. All kindsa crazy shit is coming out right now. It's spring! It's BILL CALLAHAN.

Here is "Baby's Breath"

He will be in NYC in July.
Mon. July 11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Tue. July 12 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom

I hope he plays this because it is my favorite. This is him as Smog at Emo's in Austin, Texas, on July 24th, 2003.

tUnE-yArDs new video!



New Jenny Invert, is it true? It is finally upon us. The first release of the New Mexican uberband that morphed from the baby snake of Grand Canyon into an Egyptian Asp (great crossword word and did you know Cleopatra died from an asp bite?). Am I being dramatic. OF COURSE I AM. This is some beep-boppin' good tunage. Some would say this could be your chosen album of spring 2011--the one you listen to all the time and play really loud in your car because your computer's speakers only whisper at you.

It is hard to pinpoint my number one but I have referred the album to friends and across the board the feelings are mutual--a fucking plenitude of musical composition.

Get the whole deal at http://jennyinvert.bandcamp.com/. It's very worth it.

They are on tour. Sorry, New Yorkers. They don't have hardcore plans to swing east but maybe if we squeeze our eyes really tight they will scoot over someday.


Luster gust.

Image: Carl Kliner

Sharon Van Etten came out with Epic (Ba Da Bing) in 2010. The whole album is worth downloading if you are yearning for some emotions. I am a robot so I need some semi-annually. "For You" was my first time hearing her and whoa. She is amazing. Here are two off of Epic. "Don't Do It" and "Peace Signs."