twang! twang!!

Bluegrass! Ass.
Some of this is very questionably bluegrass. After today we change into a Metallica-only blog. Get ready.

Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Alison Krauss and Union Station - Dark Skies

Incredible String Band - First Girl I Loved
This song is really nice and sweet and if you like oxygen what is wrong with you you should like it. Too. 1967.

Get this entire anthology by John Fahey. Freaking nuts how great this man is! Guitar extraordinaire.
Part 1
Part 2
Thanks dude one and dude two.

Happy belated birthday to the blog. It is now one-year-old and a few days. It's called "a success," achieved through me and some other people (not Beth because she likes bad music and incidentally a quitter with a failure to commit to excellence) having the first greatest music preferences and also being heinously fantastic writers. With the coagulation of those two qualities, GANGSTER LEGS was born and has both caused and endured suffering in 371 days.

If 2009 is any indication of future trends, 2010 should be terrible in the widest sense of all that is awful or could ever be so. Happy new year.


twister (best movie you have seen and an alright game)

When I listen to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack I like it. I said to myself, I like this. Here is some more stuff from The Tornadoes. They were around in the 60s in some place not in the USA but who cares USA! USA! USA!

All my friends are going places and seeing stuff and I'm like hey guys just stay in the good old US of A you ain't got to leave for no thing got it all right here. Fuck travel. Traveling is for idiots.

Tornado Twist
Bustin' Surfboards
Popeye Twist
The Ice Cream Man



This band is getting a lot of huff considering they've written three songs. Girl bands are soooo cool though. (soooo cool sends you to some write-up from impose magazine.) This is coasting. Brooklyn something?


I think kids is better but I might be mixin thumb up.

Second gargle group. Pascal Pinon. My friend sent this to me and I thought I would hate it because it is slimy cute but it's pretty cute so I like it.


That's all I guess. Oh Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros have a new song. Its ehhhhh. Same band as the so hipfamous Home. I played it with my girl duo in a basement last week, feeling real edgy and grimy.

Kisses Over Babylon


salsa makes me move my feets

fania all stars at cheetah club, 53rd and broadway. probably now a site of..starbucks? a new york sports club?

this video gives me another reason to wish i lived in new york in the 70s. check out them silky shirts and candy machines!



1. Get kicked out of a library at 8:20 AM during finals week because it does not open until 8:30. Nothing screams go back to bed and fail calculus like kicking someone out of a library.

2. Fall on your ass not once but twice in a row down a 5 degree hill immediately after number 1 occurs. Try to do it in a public place in front of a building with many windows. Try to be on the phone with your mother who is telling you what a bitter person you are...for your age.

3. Make tasty green tea in dining hall. It turns out very, very brown.

4. Say hello to someone and hear them respond, "Hey, [then very very hushed under their breath] bitch."

5. Go back to dining hall to get some delicious food. There is none. Get rice and put some pasta sauce on it. Fucking like it. Take it into the library and for the first time in three years nod your head as another member of the Gestapo tells you you have to eat that over there by the door. In the corner. Alone.

5. Hallucinate.

6. Stab yourself in the face with your car keys. So it looks like a tiger clawed half your face. And eye.

7. Establish new forum for people to whine about how hard it is to be so great and motivated all the time: www.woe-is-me.blogspot.com

8. Unplug your fridge and stock with instant soup to be eaten at your convenience. Uncooked. Also this is a great party trick. All your friends--this is something I would do hypothetically if I had visitors. Or friends--will put their beers and schnapps in the little fridge and the drinks will never, ever get cold. Little box of disappointment.

Keep your voices down and your heads held high soldiers.

Jefferson Airplane - Today (Live at Monterey Pop in 1967)

I put this here for your sulking pleasure but really I am exclusively listening to Christmas classics. Smashing Pumpkins. (WHAT A LOSER.)

These are explicit love songs, idiot. Chosen carefully. Chose carefully.

Smashing Pumpkins


We Only Come Out at Night


Cherub Rock

Where Boys Fear to Tread


I made you this and then I threw it out because I hate you.

Tom Watson
I have lost it.

Jason Derulo with the sample from Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap

I don't even know what the actual name of the song is. What She Say? What You Say? What Did You Say? What Did She Say? Whatcha Say?

Here is the song from which the other song takes the sample. It sucks. The only reason it is good is because you have to wait ten minutes through a shit song then all of a sudden it gets awesome. This happens around the 3:00 mark, lasts for 20 seconds then the song blows again.

Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek

Actually both of these songs are terrible. But the first one is less so.

Next is a Modest Mouse song. Probably the best I know of. It is really repetitive and has breathy uh-ohs. (See: Out of Gas, Heart Cooks Brain)

Modest Mouse - Karma's Payment

Check out this vid it is so sweet:


What color is the red ball? Blue.

Today in History (my personal favorites):
Today Ulysses was ruled "not obscene," the 13th amendment ratified, "Lamb Chop on Broadway" premiered, Don King and French magician Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin were born, Hugo Chavez elected, and Abraham Lincoln appointed Salmon P. Chase chief justice o...f the United States of America. (Sources: AARP, Library of Congress, History Channel)


How to spend an entire night watching Pete Seeger play "Guantanamera"

I get a lot of music from my favorite person: The Internet. Such eclectic and diverse taste The Internet has!

I love soup. I love all kinds of soup. Right now I am eating a Thai Vegetable soup. It is vegan. I am not a vegan but I stopped eating dairy because it makes me vom or have a crippling stomach ache. For the rest of the day. I will not tolerate lactose.

These are the best songs I found this week (mostly all from Unpiano and RCRDLBL):

Phil and the Osophers
Possible new favorite today band. From Crook Land? I have no clue. Buzzzzy.

Check out "Uses Of A Man." You can download it there. This is the next song I will play so much in two days I will hate it for two days and then come back to it groveling.

Cloud Nothings
18-year-old from Cleveland. I wonder if he is single.
"Hey Cool Kid"

This song is from 78 and it is what everyone in tight pants and a scowl wants to sound like.

"No Tears"

Get the whole album.

There is other stuff I want to share but I am too lazy.