New Year, same AIDS!

So like what's up everyone? It's a new year, but I'm still listening to unoriginal music. That's ok though, because I am a self loathing individual hell bent on putting your mom on blast once I show her that AIDS test I failed (or passed, I guess its whichever way you look at things).

Speaking of new years, it's been pretty wack outside. Its been snowing a lot. It would have been a lot cooler if it didn't snow or get cold, or really hot, or if my septum's weren't deviated. But fuck it, its a new year, and I should welcome these unforeseen changes in my life. For one, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't compare my penis to sheared pickles this year. However, that resolution was very short lived.

Well, despite my lack of ability to resist comparing my sexual organs (that's right I have more than one) to inanimate objects, over the last few months I have relegated myself to late 90's Chicago house music. I was going to write about Azari & III, but I wanted to start this year right.

Thus, I would like to introduce to you German producer Tensnake. Upon hearing his single Coma Cat for the first time last winter, I immediately experienced an intense orgasm that lasted for 6 minutes and 56 seconds. And after a good listen to his recently released mixtape "In the House" I found myself enamoured with his ability to incorporate 80's disco with early 90's house. You seriously have to listen to this guy, he's gonna be something (and hopefully not a reincarnation of my dead cat as angry lasagna).


one/one/two zero one one

Why the hell should I stay up until midnight so I can feel like shit the next day because I drank a personal bottle of Freixenet (pronounced Freaks-net)? I shouldn't. So last night I didn't. I will next weekend at my New Years Eve Take II party. Fuck that holiday. I didn't even get to steal Beth's Saturday New York Times today because SOMEONE gave the mail person the day off. Right. Happy New Year, may it start off with the neglect of printed journalism.

1. No more swearing, (Mom: You sounds like you aren't creative enough to come up with a better word.)
2. No more tights with runs. (Mom: You look trampy.)
3. Be optimistic. (Mom: You are way too young to be this jaded.)
4. Stop being so fucking lazy and get on the train. A 45-minute subway ride is usually worth maintaining friendships. (Mom: Do you have friends?)

Someone called me "bastard face" today. I beat them at Scrabble. Heat's on!

Two soft, one razor, one brazen.

Twin Sister - Lady Daydream

Galaxie 500 - Strange

The Intelligence - Sailor Itch

Johnny Jenkins - Bad News