drugstore hooligan

Maybe you forgot but there are still more than 20 days of summer. More sweat, no sweaters. I'm going to get through it by listening to A LOT of Green Day, personally.

The Nerves are fun. They sing "Hanging on the Telephone." You know....I'm in the phonebooth it's the one across the hall if you don't answer I'll just...don't leave me hanging on the telephone. This song is even better though.

When You Find Out

Onyx is a New York City hip-hop(jams) trio. Their names are Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr, and Sonsee. Is it all about crime? Probably yes but maybe there's more. Bitche$.

Throw Ya Gunz

Davila 666 kind of sound like a Puerto Rican Wavves and they are my new favorite band. Their MySpace lists their "Influences" as "Iggy Pop and The Stooges,Cam'ron,Dipset (Diplomats) Lil Wayne,Menudo(viejo) MC5, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Bunker Hill, The Velvet Underground, The Rolling Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Bob Dylan, Little Richard, New York Dolls,The Sonics,Heartbreakers , John lee hooker, Plan B, Muddy Waters,Chuck Berry, Mazzy Star." Ahhhhha. They are playing at the Knitting Factory on September 30th. I don't hate the idea of going.

Sabes Que Quiero


die. die. die. i can't.

Lenert & Sander are two of my favorite artists. This music video for the electro-punk band Aux Raus is no exception to their consistent genius. And I love bread. Yeast is dead. (And the classic chocolate bunny.)

Coffin Poser from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

Chocolate Bunny from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

CDEFGABC from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.


i do. what i want.

Andre 3000: love robot.

I Do

This is a pretty good song. It is sensual. Not sensational, but certainly sensual.



Remember me?

i met you at the organic farm.


But you should try and remember this. This kid is cool. And his name is real. Real cool.

Download Takes One to Grow One by my good friend Peter Breakfast from the bedroom album I Bought A Big House and I Don't Know What It Means So Now I'm Religious. Download the entire Peter Breakfast music library at http://peterbreakfast.com/.

While you're at it, look at his art and writing and yadda yadda. He's great. He'd only be better if his name was Peter Brunch. I love brunch. Everything about it really.


young at heart

Why don't you just drink less instead of embarrasing yourself by holding a slightly smaller can? This is the difference of 2 sips. Please.

I saw (heard...too lazy to wait in line and like to spread out more than being inside the Bandshell at Prospect Park permits) Sonic Youth, Talk Normal, and Grass Widow Saturday evening. What a time! My friends and I made fresh rolls--what a treat, and so easy to make! Now I can cook the following things and please keep in mind I was solely a Ramen master (Shin Ramyun (naaawwwttttt Spicy Seafood flavor don't want to have to upchuck all over the place, keep it to Gourmet Spicy if you know what's good for you and trust me this shit is the least healthy food in the world but you're going to die someday so carpe diem solider). And oatmeal master. Anyways, now I can cook the following things that do not come in a hummus container or a veggie burger box: black bean burgers with one gallon sriracha, wasabi roasted asparagus. Hold up, did you know most if not all of the wasabi you have eaten in restaurants or elsewhere is really just horseradish? Disappointing but true. Now I can cook: I can wilt spinach, gourmet popcorn, which means I add a lot of nutritional yeast, sriracha, and soy sauce. And fresh rolls! I learned how to cook rice too. Before last week I was too lazy and terrified. Gosh the show was fun!
There was a steady flowing river of fixed gear bicycle riders (one tall bike, stupid ack!) and a lot of couples holding hands probably so they wouldn't get separated or be stolen by singles.
Sonic Youth sounded nice even though the music was too quiet. Talk Normal was kind of eh but Grass Widow stole the damn show. I first saw them open for Pterodactyl last summer and they wowed. I blanket bopped while drinking the cheapest of rose wine and smiled like a goon. I also was on a friend's bike--it was completely stationary at the time--and forgot I put my foot in the toe strap so I tipped over like an ass onto the pavement when I attempted to dismount. Oops that was embarrassing but I played it like a champ and said I meant to do it.

Were you not cool enough to make it to the show? Redemption can be attained! In the form of this show that I never could have dreamed of enough within a dream within a dream (Inception reference get it?). The show will be priceless in all ways.
Naughty by Nature
Slick Rick
I love to make stuff up but I'm not this good.

This weekend I co-wrote an original ballad for Pigeon Icarus' funeral (see above for how real this is). He was a diseased pigeon who died maybe due to a broken wing, being mauled by alley cats, or subsiding on a diet of Rice Krispies.

What do you know about Diamond Rings?