With records like If Music Be the Food of Love...Prepare for Indigestion and If No One Sang... it can be surmised that Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich are just five guys who let other people to finish their sentences. Mind gaming was one of the emerging trends in 1960s British poprock that never fully emerged. Don't let that silly album cover fool you--these guys are seriously good musicians! Also, there are five of them so I'm not sure where the other two were. Maybe uncomfortable with the photo shoot.

Hold Tight! is one of my favorites. For a long time, until last week, I though they were singing "shut your ass" when really it is "shut your eyes."

If anyone can tell what the announcer is saying they get a prize and a translation job.



I don't know where it came from, but the word "awesome" needs to leave my vocabulary. I am not that awesome, and seriously most of us aren't because that word is reserved for Jesus, not yourself (you selfish bastard). Did you get super ridiculous headaches and develop a split personality that can speak to God? No? That's right because you're not that fucking awesome, so stop using it interchangeably with your state of being.

You know what is awesome? Real life. What is real life, you ask? It's downing a bottle of sleeping pills with rubbing alcohol while enjoying a pack of menthol cigarettes. It's buying a gun with its serial number defaced, and then using it on your parents because they owe you protection money. It's getting punched in the face with a paternity suit over that love child your mother bore for you. It's ripping your sexual organs off in a fit of rage over the last episode of Gossip Girl. It's crossing the street only to get hit by a steaming pile of human excrement, immediately followed by a bus. It's living in Florida. Actually, check that. Living in Florida is far from real life, and more closely resembles treating a yeast infection with hot sauce.

All things considered, I have come to the conclusion that my life could use a reality check. I guess I should have seen The Swiss a few months ago, but missed them because, as I stated previously, I am not that awesome. The Swiss are a disco band of sorts, and hopefully they will come back so I can bestow upon them my wisdom regarding what is real life. Here is a video of them performing at the show I missed. UGH! SUICIDE!

Also, here's a sick jam by them called Bubble Bath...


i wear a hat and mittens to bed

Awesome artist I cannot remember.

Seriously the house is freezing. It is colder insider than outside. It is hard to do things wearing two jackets and holding cups with gloves on ends in broken glass and hearts.

Eggstone is a great band I have been listening to a lot this week and they are from Sweden. All of these songs are off of Vive La Différence! (Vibrafon, 1997). I think of them as a mix between Crowded House and Squeeze.

il trascurato

head around


still all stand still


Dubstep is fuck'n WACK!!!!

So its been even longer since the last mother fucking time I posted anything, and I'm super sorry. Im so sorry, sorry, sorry. I've been on a tear lately going to as many shows as humanly possible. That's kinda a problem tho. You see, electronic shows are outrageously horrible for your brain. Plus, I've seen every act I have wanted too, so I think I'm gonna chill out for a little while...

Actually, no fuck that. I'm still going to shows on a weekly basis. But, its become blatantly apparent there's a virus thats been spreading across the indie electronic scene like a plague. Its fucking dub step. It keeps bringing in these 10 year old kids to electro/minimal house/synth disco shows with hopes that they will hear a shit wobbly bass line. Go home, and let the old people dance to real music.

If you think Burial, Rusko, Skream, or, much much much worse, Major Lazor is good, do yourself a favor and kill yourself. Since most popular dubstep has roots grounded in elements found within commercialized rap prevalent in the 2000's, I realize I'm dealing with people that never connected with the essence of true hip hop. You know, everything that was produced before 1996. I already thought you people were already a disgrace to the hip hop industry, but now that you have bastardized electronic music, its time for you to quit life permanently.

Dub step is terrible. It sucks. Go away. Your shit bass lines, unbelievably repetitive hooks, and lack of high hats make me wanna puke. I would rather listen to Orbital's Halcyon On + On for the rest of eternity, and that song gets fucking old pretty god damned fast. I will admit that the days of the "electro banger" in 2007-2008 are gone. But that it's been replaced by dub step in popularity only strengthens my perception that the quality of music since that time has seriously turned for the worse.

I could talk about how I hate dub step for hours, but I digress. Instead, let me introduce to you Erol Alkan. He's been around forever, and has been considered one of the best experimental electro dj's for years, but his cosmic disco sound has really caught my ear over the last year. He was the best show at Electric Zoo this year, and blew me away at Coachella as well. He released this mixtape two weeks ago for a tour he's doing in Japan, and its pretty fucking awesome. Check it out mannnnnnnnnnnnnn