This be dyin' muzik!

Who actually listens to music? (yawn) Shit is bo-ring. What really matters is genre dropping. It's a known fact that music listening and music appreciation in general turns you into a HUGE pussy (pussy,pussy...)

Anyways, these days it's all about the name-callin'. While you're being sweaty and gross and generally covered in beer, skanking away on the dance floor to some jangly band, all "Yeah bro!!! I'm having so much fun!!!", I'm perfecting a working formula that looks something like this:

(Prefix)+(Adjective)(noun)=Your girl.

So, here's some Post-Chillwave, Gladys. Whatever. Enjoy.


Pitty Pincess

Some familiar summer songs to get you through the hell that is summer. I hate summer. I don't really like any season. Let's party!

Look at the awesome percussive instrument they use for the ding dongs in this next ditty.