So my least favorite holiday is quickly approaching. That would be Valentine's Day. If you must know, I also detest Halloween, Christmas, Columbus Day, and New Years Eve. I love Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day. The rest are useless. 

SO. In celebration of the bullshit I am going to set out on a quest to post great love songs from then and now. For the next two weeks. Maybe longer. Maybe forever. Love songs are the cornerstone of every genre of music. You've got hip-hip romance, bluegrass love, pop luv, funk love, love love, hate love, hate love hate songs. I am going to touch them all. And maybe in the process, I will touch your heart. And perhaps my icy interior will melt and I will somehow be able to become human, one who is capable of this thing called "love." I'm excited.

I'm not in love yet but I have two weeks to listen to love songs non-stop and so do you. Get going so when I meet you we can fall in love and put our resentment and cynicism for the entire human race behind us. Do you know the song by The Spice Girls "Two Become One"? It is going to be like that but without the girl power and Scary Spice. 

I am going to start off slowly. After all, this isn't easy for me. Here are some love songs that aren't too lovely. I am choking back the vomit already. The next two weeks are going to be a challenge. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Emily

Mason Jennings "Nothing"

MF Doom "Hoe Cakes"


Slumdog Millionaire really IS that good.

So both members of Gangster Legs just saw Slumdog Millionaire, and lemme tell ya, it was quite good. As good as all that Oscar business says it is. Seriously. Go see it. And what adds to that movie wonderfully is it's soundtrack, which includes everyones favorite preggers Sri Lankan/English hiphopdance superstar, M.I.A. There's this part in the movie when the two main characters, at this point they can't be more than 12 years old, are hustling random shit on a train and "Paper Planes" is playing in the background. But not the Paper Planes that we all know now. It's not the Paper Planes we've all turned it into. It's not the Paper Planes that frat kids playing beer pong get excited about and sing a long to when she says the line about getting high. Nor is it the Paper Planes of in-the-know white 20-somethings wearing bright pink pants and doing street art. Nor is it the Paper Planes of the someone I used to know that thought M.I.A. was silly and just a voyeuristic hipster fad until he realized that she had something of a social message about the effects of imperialism and modern day international capitalism (it was then really cool AND a thing to intellectual jack off to after that). While yes, Paper Planes is an amazing commentary on capitalism and it's effects, something it being shown on MTV and the gunshot noises being edited out kind of lessens a bit, it gets to mean even more than that in this movie. I know this might seem a bit obvious but it really shows it to you. You can actually see it. In this movie, specifically in this four minute clip of kids selling keychain flashlights and exotic food on a train, you actually see what M.I.A. sings/raps/speaks/howls about. The glaring irony of this song literally slaps you in the face to such an extent that you can't believe you didn't feel it this much before. And consequently, it makes you want to slap overzealous potheads in the face even harder for missing it.

Download M.I.A. Paper Planes and, for good measure the ADROCK Remix as well, which is pretty fly.

I won't call to my lover, lover you leave me alone. (jk Matthew, jk)

Now if you happened to catch my most recent encounter with Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent (that's right, most recent...there was another that was a bit more personal yet still included me making a silly fool of myself...but much more vocally that time...with more people i didn't know...and in a smaller room....umm..it was still magical!!) in this past post, you'll know that we're quickly on the way to solidifying a wedding date. But aside from helping me pick out flowers, making weekly trips to Crate & Barrel, and locating the right pair of cowboy boots for his suavely dressed-down tux, Matthew has been busy recording a new album To Willie. Composed entirely of Willie Nelson covers, this album is quite a bit more country than his older work but still as lovingly crafted and labouriously pronounced.

Download Reasons to Quit off To Willie, out February 3rd. Check him out at the Bell House February 28th too, I will probably be there beaming as well. Dreamy!

Oh my god, I can't pull off a comb-over

Now, I know this album came out seemingly ages ago, but this song came on via the "Party Shuffle" option of itunes (I just noticed this existed, like, a week ago and since then it's been party 24/7) and it made me remember how fantastic it is. Not only is the beat infectious and wonderfully repeatitive as fuck, not only is it a hella sexy song, not only has it seriously schooled me in indie music history of the past forty-odd years, but it also serves as a constant reminder of every aging hipster's nightmare. GET SPOOKED GUYS!

LCD Soundsystem Losing My Edge


Here's to near nudity

Check it: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/29/us/politics/29whitehouse.html?_r=1&hp

Not only is he the father of my child and responsible for diverting flocks of geese from on-coming jumbojets across the nation, but he also is teaching the country to dress anew. Obama wants you to put down those dress pants and sports coats and just take a chill pill guys! He really can do everything.

Download Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective: a song off that new album everyone is shitting themselves over. While I really tried to unabashedly like this album as well, I think I might have read more snotty, pimply, macbook touting music reviewers' letters of unadulterated praise to turn me off from it forever. The words "brilliant" and "progressive" really only strike my fancy if used in moderation. Really liking Animal Collective is something I like to equate with skinny jeans and intimate knowledge of a total of one art gallery in Brooklyn that is on a vaugely intimidating street: it is the band that lays the groundwork for future advancement of hipsterdom, but truely shows to those who are already there, you have not quite achieved it yet. While it's a good start, you haven't quite arrived and will be scoffed and shown as a non-nothing poser if drawn into a verbal trap by an older, wiser, thinner graphic designer at a party whilst nervously downing a PBR. (Simply: 9th graders with thick glasses really like Animal Collective)

Do you want to feel alive...like when you were born?

Put your electro/emotional seat belt on. This is one of those remixes that make you say, what the hell was wrong with The Verve that they didn't do it like this in the FIRST place? Bless his heart, Moby saw the light and added a healthy dose of uppers to this song. Inspirational. It has the kind of build-up releases that "Sandstorm" by Darude (come on, you remember) has so that it works you up into a frenzy waiting for the final moment of ecstatic combustion. (picture courtesy of St. Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital)

P.S. For more bittersweet appendages see "Bittersweet Dirt" post by BAG. 


Who ARE You?

This band is majorly elusive. All I know about them is that Brooklyn Vegan thinks they're just lovely and that it's made up of a bunch of very attractive girls with bangs and lots of musical skill. They play in Brooklyn often, where they are apparently from. Maybe I'm just not in-the-know enough, or maybe I am just a bad investigative journalist (both rightly qualify me for bad/lame hipster status), but for the life of me I cannot find a simple mp3 of The Newleyweds Song (cool side note: it's based off of this native american myth or something...crazy!). So I will instead post a link to their myspace for you to, like myself, listen to it over and over again by clicking play a bunch of times. Listen to their other stuff too. And look at those silly instruments! Kids these days, huh?


If you don't feel like doing that, watch this video instead. It's your call, really.

PS- They're actually not that elusive, here's an interview the Village Voice did a while back, http://blogs.villagevoice.com/music/archives/2008/02/theyre_eerie_bu.php

Sexual High (Radiohead + Marvin Gaye)

Sexual healing is baby territory in comparison to the emotional wrecking ball that is Sexual High (YUP, High and Dry by Radiohead). Get ready to feel hopeful. Too bad love is the root of all evil and turns people into mumbling idiots. 

P.S. Thanks for the great mash-ups DT. 


The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In

I honestly believe Thee Oh Sees are the band to be in 2009. I have written about them before and I am going to do it again, unabashedly. The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In (TomLab, 2008) might be my pick for record of 2008 which is an official list that I keep in my head. They are really giving The Raveonettes, Dodos, Bon Iver, and Blitzen Trapper a run for their money in the coveted "Best Indiepop Album of the Year" sector. This is the title track and boy, oh boy, is it fun. Headed by John Dwyer, this group is no doubt going places. Big places, like the East Coast of the United States (keep your stupid fingers crossed, stupid). 


The Best of Time- Jacob C. Morris

Beam me up satellite. I am very very into this song right now. And whoever this guy is, besides a mystery. I know he has a bunch of other names he plays under besides his own, Jacob C. Morris. These include: The Bleeding Hearts Club, and The Desperation, maybe some others but my mother always said I could never be a detective. This song, out of the maybe three I have had the pleasure to know, is my favorite. Maybe I am a sucker for its commercial appeal. Or maybe its that hat, or that grimace. Hard to say. Whatever it is, this song is pretty perfect. It feels hopeful in a really depressing way. I am surprised this hasn't been shat all over by the O.C. soundtrack 14. If it hasn't maybe some other teen drama will see the sparkling angst in Morris. I know I am living by it. 


Department of Motor Vehicles

I thought learning how to drive was going so well. I took lessons and everything. My instructors name was Bingo. He was awesome; we'd drive around for 40 minutes or so, listening to jazz on the radio talking about art. I'm not even joking, the man was great. He used to be a newspaper reporter and would tell me how he just couldn't understand how those "republican fuckers got control of our government" and what they had against "the reefer." I was even pretty good at driving too. I never hit anything, living or not, and was not bad at parking. I handled ice patches with expertise. And then I took the road test. My tester got in the car and as i wished him a good morning he cut me off and told me to start the car. I fiddled around with my seat for a minute, trying to be able to see out my mirrors and whatnot, and then he mumbled something else. I asked what he said and then he YELLED to pull out. I commenced to start shaking. While other things happened such as him slamming on the brakes while when I was at least a hundred feet away from a double parked truck saying I was going to hit it, yelling once again when I parked just about a foot away from the curb saying I was too far (one foot = legal limit, no?), and him grabbing the wheel from me at least three times, I won't bore you with details.


Because I'm a fan of irony, download Beautiful Calm Driving by Sia. (Like driving tests, Sia makes me weep. I bawled like a baby at the series finale of Six Feet Under partially thanks to her song Breathe Me, but mostly because it was the series finale of Six Feet Under. I LOVE TV.)

Hey Boy

Weeeeeeee! I have three (one, two, three) snappin' little ditties for you today. Our new administration (and, ooh girl, Beyonce's inaugural performance) has me feeling all toasty. But perhaps that is because I am sitting in front of a comfy cozy roaring fire. Hey boy, it could be either one. 
One: Portland, Oregon's Mikhaela Yvonne Maricich (goes by The Blow) came out with Poor Aim: Love Songs in 2004. "Hey Boy" is only one of the cornucopia of fun girly songs (I don't know, girls just go nuts for The Blow, guys don't always fall under the same spell) she has produced solo and in conjunction with electro-beat producer extraordinaire, YACHT. The song starts out with a simple hand clap beat and then the cute riff chimes in over it. Her voice sounds like she is always just finishing a nonchalant drag on a cigarette. Not cavalier, just cool. 

Two: MC Serch, former 3rd Bass member from Queens, released "Hey Boy" in 1987. This is kind of a throwback, as in it sounds like old rap. This is because it is. Serch raps and some chick breathily chants "hey boy" a bunch of times. I am telling you, its sizzlin. Oh, and there is some beat boxing. Don't miss it! 

Three: Glasgow's The Just Joans are a POPindiePOP band (that is also known as an indie sandwich cuddled in between two hearty slices of wholesome pop). Incidentally, they work with WeePOP! records which is not surprisingly the most precious record company, like, ever. "Hey Boy...You're Oh So Sensitive!" is a charming jaunt through fairyland. Verses sung by a thick accented male are sometimes jumbled but the chorus is what keeps you coming back. The high pitched female voices are kind of intoxicating. I like it when they both sing together!


And we're doin' it just for you (Ugly Duckling)

"Where's Superman when you need him? Should I feed him a knuckle sandwich or play possum and stop breathin?"

Ugly Duckling is a trio out of Long Beach, CA. This song is from their 2001 album Journey to Anywhere (Fat Beats). It is hilarious. They just released a new album on January 12th called Audacity. I have yet to snag a copy but I am sure it is scooting around somewhere so go buy it and report back. 



One half of Ganster Legs is in our nations capital happily soaking in the inauguration. I've taken three memory cards worth of photos. Of people i don't know. Wearing Obama shirts. Smiling at me. Glowing at me. I am actually in love with everyone around me. I am overcome by the urge to hug everyone. I am giving in to this. Frequently. I hope someone doesn't give me a cold.


Download A Change is Gonna Come by Ben Sollee and Journey to a New Hope by A-ux



So this morning I saw Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent on a shuttle bus in Queens. Now I just need to take a moment out and directly address him to make sure we're on the same page: Matthew, maybe your telepathy skills are not exactly up to par, or maybe it was because you didn't want to embarrass that beautiful blonde you were with by running off with me instead (you are a gentleman after all), but that marriage proposal I silently extended towards your tall, bearded, dreamy eyed self, still stands. Get back to me whenever.

That girl sitting in front of you smiling like a fool, mind racing, wondering if she should say something thought-provoking like "I love your music!"

Download South (of America), A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise, Wolves, When We Fall, and Right Now I Am A Roaming (Nick Cave cover).


BEEP! BEEP! (Roadrunner Songs)

Bo Diddley rules my life. He is the illest ill from this side of who even cares because he is so ill. This song is called "Roadrunner."
BUT WAIT! I know of another sicky gnar gnar roadrunner song. It is by a band that will make you get down on your knees and perhaps have a religious moment. THE MODERN LOVERS! Jonathan Richman is a god. So that explains the religious awakening. This song is also called "Roadrunner." 

Is it okay that i don't like dirt?

I am officially working on a farm this summer. In my deluded city-upbringing, I-don't-really-like- bugs-but-it-won't-be-a-problem, highly romanticized version of these upcoming months, this is what I imagine it will sound like, day- to fantastically rural- day:

Download Sung With the Birds, Heavy on my Head, and Giver's Reply all by the wonderful Ramona Cordova. Download his full album, The Boy Who Floated Freely, for free, here.


You look terrible when you cry, all red and puffy. Please stop it.

So, did you hear they're ending production of Sparks? Well, it's certainly an end of an era in America. Let's just hope that god will still bless all our non-orange tongue, asleep at a respectable hour- selves.
Stop crying please....please...come on, please?.....you know I hate it when you cry....

Download We Swim You Jump "Sparks Fade Out"


Mountains are big, that's why they're called mountains (Imperial Teen)

As I sit here on this chair I see many things. One of these is a box of facial tissues. The brand? "Imperial." This is odd because I am writing a post about Imperial Teen and had been thinking about it before I saw the brand of facial tissues. Fate? Maybe. Destiny sounds more dreamy though. This song is off of their 2002 live album recorded at Maxwell's in Hoboken, New Jersey, aptly titled Live at Maxwell's (DCN Records). It's real, in a really real way. 


She Keeps Bees is a very fun live band. Handclaps and crowd participation are encouraged, which is pretty much the recipe for a good show. While the comparisons to Cat Power may abound even from the bands' own front woman Jessica Larrabee ("That's right, go home and tell your friends you saw a fat Cat Power play a show tonight. Tell them it was awesome. Isn't it so much better now that I'm sober?": just about verbatim from a show last year), She Keeps Bees does have a few differences. Less sad but more gritty, this band is an easier, albeit still challenging, listen.

Download Stand Where I Can See You, Arms Length, Pile Up, and Ribbon.

Also, check them out in New York at Glasslands January 15th and/or at Matchless the 16th.


Handsome Boy Modeling School

This is one of my favorite groups. Dynamic duo Dan The Automator (Dr. Octagon) and Prince Paul (De La Soul producer) make up Handsome Boy Modeling School. This is a single of off their 1999 Tommy Boy Records release So... How's Your Girl? It is great. The buttmunchies at Pitchfork gave the album a 5 out of 10. Weak! Lo que sea tipo, lo que sea. Anyways, check it out for yourself. Sassy beat featuring Del Tha Funky Homosapien and Trugoy The Dove. You can probably relate if you are renting a shitty apartment in a boro with an assclown landlord. Maybe.


Re: Brilliant Sweaters

They just released their new full length, waaaaaay before I said they would in my first Brilliant Sweaters post. Oops, I'm pretty embarrassed. Well, download Music is Free anyway, for free, here.

What the fuck is "Goth-Country"?: O'Death

I know everyone is all hot and bothered about Fleet Foxes' self-titled album released last year considering it's on about every "Best of 2008" list imaginable. While I'm pretty obsessed with that album as well, I would currently like to sing the praises of a different band with a slightly similar, albeit harsher, sound. O'Death is a band out of Brooklyn, something I always thought was a bit misleading: Instead of the fashionable noise-band, kind of punk, ugly-on purpose (or is that too last year?), ironic facial hair expectations you might have from most bands out of Brooklyn, O'Death evokes a more back country, creepy barn in the middle of the woods, life by flickering candlelight vibe. Though, they do elicit quite the vision of plaid shirts as well, so yeah, I guess Brooklyn is right. ANYWAYS, O'Death makes fantastically twisted Americana-folk-bluegrass- "gypsy" music that will have you undoubtably hooked on first listen. Enjoy!

Download Down to Rest, Face Mask, Rickety Fence Teeth, and I Think I'm Fine


Here are two remixes of this one dope song. Actually it is amazing. I like the Treasure Fingers remix a bit more. It's saucier. Perhaps the best dance song I have heard in one year's time. I cannot describe it further. Just get it. 



I'm going to make a sweeping generalization here and say that any band with the word cardigan, sweater, turtleneck, or any similar article of cozy winter-ware in their name is implicitly pretty great. Within the parameters of this rule, and in a more sensible and likely way, outside of it as well, I will say that the Brilliant Sweaters are a fantastic band. Yet another talent hailing from Queens New York, these guys are super fun, super awesome, super great, super fly, and super cool. While all this superness might be intimidating for those of weak heart, fear not! The Brilliant Sweaters make approachable, non-pretentious, dance/mosh-able pop-punk that is extremely perfect for a night out dancing like a fool, sweating alot, and looking really terrible once your makeup runs all over your face. Am i right ladies, AM I RIGHT?!
Look out for their first full length album due out this summer and the frequent shows they play in the new york area. Seriously, get out to one of their shows. I may or may not have seen Brilliant Sweaters super-fan Jay Reatard at one. And by may or may not, I mean I definitely have not. BUT, go out anyways, they're awesome.
But first, download these songs so you can sing along: (Note: I fucked up these links, but it should be fixed now. Try downloading them again)
I Dropped out of High School, Sexy Genius, Black Toxic River, Sex Tape

Speed Scrabble (The Black Keys)

You know you love nasty facial hair. Here at GANGSTER LEGS, we love it too. And we also love the newest Black Keys album (well...2008 is kind of new and it was produced by Danger Mouse so you know it gots to be good). Here is a song from it. Just one. That's all ya get. 

Download "Psychotic Girl" (Nonesuch, 2008)


Bang! Bang! Bang! (Ladyhawke)

So this is about Ladyhawke (of New Zealand) but also about my new interest in cowboy jargon. I have been researching various cowboy diction and found this:

Cahoots - A collaboration, generally of a secret or questionable nature.

Excuse me Hoss, but "cahoots" is not special western jargon. Everybody uses that word. It is up for grabs by all stereotypes. Ignoramuses.

Download "Dusk Till Dawn" (Island, 2008)

I love your facial hair...oh yeah, and your music too, Bon Iver

Sometimes there's music that just makes you want to truck out into the middle of the woods to a cabin somewhere and spend all your days splitting wood and skulking. Some people make the perfect winter songs for that seasonal uneasiness and qualm that come with the blistering cold and snowy ground. Bon Iver makes this kind of music. Listening to songs from For Emma, Forever Ago (and the upcoming Blood Bank) I can't help but feel so tired, but in an amazingly comfortable and satisfied way. His is the perfect combination of beautiful, sad, and wonderful that is the ideal soundtrack for that rural, secluded Northeastern life you're planning. Pack your flannel ya'll. Also, his very impressive beard doesn't hurt either. Damn...

Check out these tracks from Bon Iver's new album Blood Bank out January 20th.
Blood Bank
Beach Baby


It's cold out

Spring is absolutely not almost here. Summer is even more not here. But here's a little experience of both of those elusive seasons for a lovely 4 minutes and six seconds.

Download Ben Kweller Sundress


Shit! God Damn! Get Off Your Ass and Jam! (A Slew/Stew of Supertstars)

What do you get when you put some peanut butter and jelly on some bread? PB&J. What do you get when 3rd Bass, Chubb Rock, Nas, Grand Puba, and Tone all spit fatcat rhymes on one track? Spoilers alert: it's not a sandwich. Here is the video.


Please embrace the martian (Kid Cudi)

I thought he sucked. But I am second-guessing myself. Whaaat? Scott Mescudi, of Cleveland, goes by Kid Cudi. Pretty new on the scene and, yes, it is a scene. Here is his first single and a Crookers remix which personally I prefer but you can make up your mind. Also I tacked on another fun ditty which is actually Crookers featuring Kid Cudi and yet another just because! Aww girl. Really, I just like the riff he is rapping over. 


The Beets!

I love root vegetables. I love music. Hence, I love The Beets. Another great band from Queens, The Beets are sleepy but caffeinated and sloppy in all the good ways possible. RAD!

Download Happy But On My Way and No Blood

You know I hate it when your friends are in the pool (Final Fantasy)

This guy has a nice haircut. His name is Owen Pallett and goes by Final Fantasy. He is sometimes compared to Andrew Bird but he adds more beep bop clicks to his music and is from Toronto (Bird hails from Chicago). He did all the string arrangements for both of Arcade Fire's albums. Cool. He has also worked with Beirut, Grizzly Bear, and Les Mouches.

The first song: Check out this song its real fly. It is off of Owen Pallett's 2005 release Has a Good Home (Tomlab).
The second song: Check out this song. It is beautiful sing-song poetry. It is off of Owen P's 2006 release He Poos Clouds (Tomlab). Who can resist with that cutsie title?
The third Song: Dandy little cover of Joanna Newsom's "Peach, Plum, Pear." It just scoots along like a small dog on a long leash walking its owner.



Ping pong is getting really big...in my life. Here is a video by OK Go that explains table tennis that I used to think was funny and maybe you will too. (Click here. It is the last video on the page.)

The Raveonettes are one of the best bands around. This is my favorite song right now. I say that a lot only this time I am not kidding. You have to turn it up really loud to hear the opening bass. They are performing at Webster Hall January 16th. Lust Lust Lust is their newest album from Vice Records (2008). They have some goldens off of previous albums too. I will put up some past releases in the future. Whoa! For right now...


I'm just a sucker for good covers, especially when they are of one of my favorite LCD Soundsystem songs.

Download LCD Soundsystem All My Friends and The Flying Change All My Friends and (for good measure) Broken Social Scene All My Friends


Helter Skelter

Little known fact (or really, kind of widely known thing I didn't know until recently): Charles Manson of "family"/mass murder fame was a pretty decent musician. I know people died and all, but I just watched a documentary saying that "Charlie" might not even be really responsible for that stuff! The sex, drugs, and brainwashing, yes, but slayings, possibly no! So I guess that makes me feel a bit less guilty when I listen to his music and like it. I do like it quite a bit. Ugh.

Download Don't Do Anything Illegal (get it?!...it's ironic!) and I Can See You (get it?!...it's creepy!)

Also, check out this video of that guy with the long hair Natalie Portman dated or something play a lovely combination of a damn good Lauren Hill ditty and Manson's "Your Home is Where You're Happy".

(Spoiler: The above picture is indeed not Charles Manson at all, it's actually Devendra Banhart!...and his kissing a boy with a similarly impressive beard....in Greece...GOTCHA!)
(Note: Isn't it a bit weird that Devendra and Charles Manson look really similar, and yet you, everyone you know, and thier little brother have a major crush on him? Does that make you feel kinda awkward?....GOTCHA!)


Rad Skunkies (Vivian Girls)

Do you like chick bands? These ladies are punkpop awesome. The Vivian Girls are playing in New York January 11th and the 20th. Dope! This song is a suitcase of fun perfect for your next weekend getaway to Berlin or Mexico City! Music is the greatest thing in the world. And dogs are cute (there is a big horse-size one down the isle from me that would not be suitable for your next jet set but great for riding long distances. Perhaps to your nearest record store to snag the Vivian Girls LP.)

Searching for the cheese looking for the text

De La Soul because its 2009 or something. Went to this rad warehouse party in Brooklyn to ring in the new year and realized...well actually I think I just lost a lot of brain cells. If you like to sh sh shake it you will la la like this song. Off of De La Soul Is Dead.

Ya don't have to if ya don't want to...Honey child, I'm keepin' the faith.

Download "Keepin' the Faith"


I'm a grownup for real

I walk down the street in a long coat, open and blowing in the wind, to this. I strut. Like, actually walk with an intimidating swagger. It's intense, really. I feel like I'm going somewhere very, very important and exclusive. There will probably be bottles of Cristal. Actually, not probably....definitely. God I love The Verve.

Download Jay-Z vs. The Verve- Bittersweet Dirt

Happy New Year!

So this is what a hangover sounds like.
Download Ghetto Cross Dog Years

Here's to 2009