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Do I hate it? No way so cool.


Where I live, everyday is an ugly sweater party.

THEE OH SEES! New album: Dog Poison. Whoa! These two are my favorite songs:

The River Rushes (To Screw MD Over)
Good opener to the 23 minute album. Yes, it is an album. It has 10 songs. Play it two or three times in a row and it makes a normal length album.

The Sun Goes All Around
Maybe the greatest song I have heard in three months.

And what is weirder is that I have been listening to this album on repeat for the past few days and when I looked down at the seat of my car today before I sat on it and on the seat was this very CD. With a little note that said "I highly recommend this," or something cute like that. But how cool is that? Five minutes later I deduced who the anonymous gifter was. This was the coolest present maybe anyone has ever given me. Probably because this is one of my top ten favorite bands and also because I guess this person didn't even know that so maybe it wasn't a thought-out thing but who even cares it was such a great surprise. How cool is that. Sometimes I am not in a bad mood after all.

(To be fair, this album has been a much needed break. I only listen to the Smashing Pumpkins and Swan Lake these days.)


That is hurting my eyes.

This is my desktop wallpaper. Ouch! I need to change it right now. It is a tiled image of this little thing I found on the Burton website five years ago and SAVED.

Ma$e is so cool. He is such a cool rapper. A lot of the lyrics in this song aren't going to make a lot of sense to you. That's okay. Ma$e.

Ma$e - What You Want (feat. Total)

How are you doing?


This Day in History

1. I spilled laundry detergent everywhere and if someone gets hurt I will forever be the asshole that cleaned it up half-assedly.

2. Poetry?

3. I start my performance art piece of applying new temporary tattoos every day. I've got sea creatures, William Blake, Cassat, dinos, cowboys, Nordic Gods, kitties, and two patriotic kinds. So far I have United We Stand with an Eagle on my left forearm. A kitty would look good. This piece is a commentary on society. All of it.

I sang this song at something called "Evening Prayer" (EP) at my high school. It was on Tuesday nights and people went there to have god supervise holding hands. That was date night. Obviously I was never invited. Anyways I performed this song with some dudes and I fucked up the first verse because I was nervous. I think I made people cry. I do it everyday. Above is the image I got when I googled "calendar." Great day!

Stars - Calendar


Pop that jabot? Ya can't!

So you want a fight J-Chrome? No thanks. I guess your song was probably better. You win this time. Next time...still uncertain.

Loving the visual dictionary and word of the day lately. My favorites? Obviously (visually) I was looking up dog pictures and I scoobied upon dog ear collar. Then I found the jabot. Great find! In terms of actual words sans pictures I enjoy nudnik.

Main Entry: nud·nik
Function: noun
Etymology: Yiddish nudnik, from nudyen to bore, from Polish nudzić, from nuda boredom
Date: 1947: a person who is a bore or nuisance

It is pronounced: NOOOOOOOOD-nik.

Shluv that. It looks like I punched a mirror my knuckles are so nasty. Instead I just rubbed them against splintered wood all weekend. Why? It doesn't matter why.

Tom Waits. The only real man. This song is sassy.

Lie to Me

Fucking Joy Division. Because you can't feel any worse!

She's Lost Control


Well, this blows.

I hate so many things. None more than the Yankees.

Neil Young - The Needle and the Damage Done