Let's Get High Together

Hi everyone!

My name is Anderson. I wanted to share my thoughts with you people so that I may bestow your ear sockets of the rock candy that's been more like a computer duster addiction for me. And when I say rock candy, I mean indie electronic music. And when I say indie electronic music, I mean electro. And when I say electro, I mean nu-rave, synth-disco, and, my favorite, French House. Thus, robot music.

However, at this juncture I would like to impart with you this one nugget of truth. I am going to attack your serotonin levels like Pearl Harbor. My plan is to serve up a hot dish of new jams, newish jams, or my fav's from past times like two years ago because that's a century in electro years.

...but for now let's all get high.


I love Love. But also Billy Corgan. And Phish.

Hard-hitting news.

1. New songs by Smashing Pumpkins. 44 of them. "Holy shit why?" Shut your face, maybe because WHO CARES Billy Corgan has taken time off from looking like a hot alien to grace the planet with new songs backed by other ETs. These songs are collectively known as Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. (Teargarden means the plants water themselves according to their MySpace.)

Smashing Pumpkins - Widow Wake My Mind
I heard this song on the radio and drove off the road into heaven. I don't suggest listening to the song. It's pretty bad, I'm just a really loyal person.

2. Courtney Love has a new Hole album. Now: imagine.

3. Billy and Courtney are fighting on Tweeter. Role models setting a bad example to mid20-ers sulking worldwide.

That's about it. NO IT IS NOT.

4. Phish is releasing some kind of a 3D. Now: imagine.

5. Justin Beiber caused a tornado and the wilting of all corn crops in the United States. Riots ensued because little girls love eating popcorn while watching Twister. I LOVE HIM less than sign with two 3's.


Tomorrow, in a year - A Darwin electro-opera (there's no way I could invent a better title than that)

Today is Earth Day. The day when gravity bows out and you can finally ollie into the cosmos and be home as mom puts the mac n' cheese on your placemat for dinner.

If you live in London The Knife opera Tomorrow, In A Year is is coming. And Germany, Poland, Austrailia, but not the United States because we can't handle it until we become cultured. Buy plane tickets I guess.

I previously wrote about this for two sentences. It is extremely unhelpful so here is a preview.

g2g it's time to shred!


The weather is getting nice. Time to eat some rapsicals!

I am going to domesticate a wild animal before summer comes. The chipmunk under my window was easy. It lives next to my bike spot and it pops its stupid head out of its apartment complex when I get home. It makes some sounds and I make them back. DOMESTICATED. Next, I will take on a crow. Large birds of prey are too busy trying to survive. Crows have nothing to do but scream at people all day. Me too. I will domesticate one and tie it to my backpack so it has to fly behind me like a kite everywhere I go. Little turtle? Too easy--won't put up a fight. A crow will protest but that is the fun in domestication. You have to force the wild out and stuff the domestic in, a lot like taxidermy.

I have a big thing for ill beats mixed with classical music. Staples in the genre from masters Jedi Mind Tricks. I urge you to download all four. (The first two exemplify the rapsical genre the best.)

And So It Burns

Animal Rap (f. KoolG.Rap)


A Storm Of Swords (f. Planetar)

Check out the torture deemed both an art form and sport of domesticated dog design. DOMESTICATED.


S(laughter)house LIVE!

Have you been to Albuquerque, NM? Me neither. And really, why would you want to? OH MAYBE JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE BATMAN NEMESIS THEMED PARTIES. I would go for that reason alone (Poison Ivy). There is another reason though. To see my best friend's stomping grounds (she has to stomp around because she can't ride a bike). And now another. I would go because Albuquerque is home to the very-famous-or-soon-to-be band Grand Canyon. Sure, these fellahs can dress, like Batman characters, but they can also play soulfully rocking top quality jams! Grand Canyon just released a 30 song greatest hits tape cassette which they somehow put on the internet and get this it's free(dom). Some songs are silly. Some songs are why so serious. Bonus: I hear they are smashing live--real crowd-pleasers.

Go HERE to download it for free not on the down low tell your friends, beep beep! When you listen to these songs walking you will get places faster and arrive in a better mood--it's nearly guaranteed!

It's looking like these days if you live in ABQ you should consider yourself lucky. Or feel shitty that you don't get invited to the cool kid parties.

Thanks to Master (printmaker) Wayne for this tip off and additional kudos for making those sick tapes look so sick!


when actions speak much louder than words

anatolian top 40 hits from the istanbul, true love in video format.


I know you won't think this picture is smart. Take it!

Don't forget to go see Sweet Tooth Nelson at the Root Cellar tomorrow night. Clemens of Bamboo House is opening so it will be the greatest from 10-12 PM.

Nina Simone is a powerhouse, of course. This song was played live in Paris in 1968 and (don't turn away) it's from the musical Hair. Trust me like you should--this is a fantastic version.

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No/I Got Life

Next is a song from Morrissey and it is what I say in my head all day.

Morrissey - If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me

thank you!

Check back really soon. I finally took apart the radio show from March 13th when Hank May and Jake played. I'll put up the photos and songs in the coming days.


listen to the show tonight i might not play these songs though...

...but i might. Click HERE at 8 PM.

When decorating, never use objects in even numbers. 3 candles, 5 spice girls, etc.