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The Shangri-Las are awesome! Two sets of sisters made up the 1960s girl group from Queens that sang stories mostly about dating cutie pies. Guys should know this is still how girls "deal." Everything is turned into a whispery song backed by three ladies who are really empathetic about the situation. That's why girls always hang out in gangs of four! They are typically seen in public as a trio because, similar to the Shangri-Las, there is often a token "shy girl" who is just too shy to perform or leave the lair--where prey is taken back to be boyfriended. Duos happen when two are killed off because they were monopolizin' the cuties. It doesn't always pay to date the leader of the pack. You might go out hunting for rabbit (fur coats) or even fox (hats) and never come back because you were eaten alive (literally) by the heathens you once thought were your friends. Dogs may be a man's best friend but it is so important to remember that they are just wolves that learned how to snuggle.

These are two of their top singles, both from 1964.

Leader of the Pack

Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)




Snap on the bat cuffs!

Correct, Boy Wonder!

The heart of the matter: how great are riddles? I don't know, really great? Let's start with one that may not be a riddle because I'm not sure I understand what a riddle is.

Question: What is it that everybody has and some pirates and thieves try to take?

Let that one stew for a while. Let me just tell you how into sorcery I am right now. A lot. Sorcery is great; magic: so cool. On the hit SyFy series "Merlin," there is a dragon chained deep in a cave under the king's castle in Camelot. Merlin goes down there when he needs advice, usually to solve some problem like the plague or why he has to be Prince Arthur's manservant. The dragon is a lot like Jesus in that he only gives answers as riddles, which are not answers at all. I'm going to be more like that dragon and I think this will be pretty annoying for my many friends. I'm going to have to memorize a few that are applicable to a variety of situations though. Here I go to www.riddles.com. I will report back unless lose interest in being a riddler--very likely.

So...what is it that everybody has and some pirates and thieves try to take?


A Tribe Called Quest. 1998's The Love Movement. Q-Tip and Phife Dawg!

Holy shnikies Batman! 1966 Frank Gorshin; Hi Diddle Riddle.



God must be pretty unhappy with me because I have been smitten by a string of bad luck that has spanned the better part of the last 6 months. My shitty luck runs the gamut from my grandfather dying to a permanent ban at Six Flags (and so so much more in between). To ameliorate my current situation I have been trying to get in touch with him, but he's such a dick. He never returns my calls or texts. Half the time he just screens my calls and puts me through to voicemail which is why I have been leaving him a lot of hateful and sexually unflattering messages.

Well, I guess my message got across to God recently, because he blessed me with the discovery of a Nu-Disco act that has my ear drums salivating. Two weeks ago I attended a show at Santos Party House to see an up-and-coming synth magician by the name of Grum. However, I was blindsided by 5 drinks in 15 minutes and that a Brazilian duo called The Twelves were on stage. After many more drinks and a whole bunch of white guy dance moves I realized I was at a show worth bragging about. Then they dropped a remix of Fleetwood Mac's Dreams over a sick synth disco beat and I gladly pooed my pants in the moment of it all. The show was so good that it made the projectile vomiting to end my night taste that much sweeter.

After two weeks of scrutiny I have come to the conclusion that The Twelves can remix any song into an electro gem. Anyone that can remix Scatter Brain, Reckoner, or any Radiohead song while keeping its original integrity gets an A+ in my book. Right now these guys may take title of best remixers.

This is their best mix-tape even tho sound quality is shit, it just doesn't compare to their others. Trust me play this at a party and let it ride


Empty promises soon to be realized.

Milton Glaser Collection Box 108, Columbia Records: Jazz Odyssey Vol. II: The Sound of Chicago, 1964.

The last radio show until next fall is going to be on this Saturday from 8-10 PM (see the link at the top right of the page). I swear--unless there is something better on.

Guess voices by Jeremy, Anderson, and Pockets Full of Luck (see list of websites I frequent somewhere on the left). They don't know this yet.

There will be prizes to be won and songs to be heard and annoying talk to mute.

In the New York Times today there are two articles. One is about a new inspirational book for students telling them it is okay to be short. The other is about how short people commit more crimes than taller people. Mixed messages in the late edition. There is also an article about how tall people are too tall. Lesson: You cannot win in this world unless you are average as fuck.


A Spring In Your Step, And A Hole In My Frontal Lobe

Reflecting upon the weather this past weekend has made me realize that its about that time where I rip off those long johns and 5000% wool sweaters, and replace them with tightly fitting jean cut-offs and a blouse with the sleeves all rolled up. It's also that time of year where I don't feel like a douche bag rocking my sunglasses in artificially lit areas. And, no I don't mean dark and sweaty clubs, more like the subway platform (god stop insisting you know me already, UGH!).

What the hell am I talking about you ask? I'm talking about the Spring. Spring gets a Junior Varsity designation since it does its best to prepare you for the best season - Summer. For example, spring months remind you of the 1000 calorie diet you're going to have to go on to get into that skanky bathing suit you stupidly bought at the end of last summer. It also floods your sinuses with allergens in order to properly lube your septums for the cocaine barrage it will endure on summer weekends in the Hamptons.

Which brings me to my next point; pools. Even though the ocean is open year round, outdoor pools across the North East finally open to the masses. What goes well with the pool? Pillowy synths over a loop that keeps repeating the question "Do you like bass?" Well, fuck, I love bass. And have been loving bass a lot more since I fell in love with this dj tandem at the end of last summer.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to CLASSIXX...

You should def check out other tracks they've remixed and produced. Everything these "dude man bro's" are producing are blowing me away - kinda like Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges' acting in the spell binding thriller Blown Away. Well that's only because I get excited when movies take place in Boston...


Stream High Violet (and reminisce about how famous we were/will be again)

The whole flipping thing. On NPR. The National is a dreamy group.

Go here.

A real conversation on the internet:

Beth: not sure if you saw this/ you probobly don't care about the national as much as me, but HOLY SHIT. i might have teared up a tad. and by a tad i mean alot because i listened to it in a corner of the library facing a wall friday morning because i dont have the internet at my house and it made it even more beautiful and amazing and personal and oh god i love the national.

Beth later that week in response to this video I sent her: har har abc news, you are my yuppie dream come true, how can i tell you how i feel without blowing it? should i make you a hot chai soy latte (free trade)? knit you a hat (organic cotton)? buy you a bookshelf for all those intimidatingly tasteful novels you read (from flea market)? or maybe i should just say, baby, let's drink some wine and write some songs while you finger that nice beard of yours and i put on my vintage summer dress.
(brooklyn vegan pt II?)

Me: add it to the stupid blog and we'll get famous again. (This refers to Beth's Gangster Legs quote on Brooklyn Vegan fame.)


Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding...ding.

That's right. An homage to Eight Bells and a warm congratulations to some other horse named $uper $aver who won the Derby this year.

This song is cool. It's by someone you might know as RA Scion or as a part of Common Market. Whatever, Victor Shade, which is not his real name, is from Louisville and so that's the connection.


The title is probably based on the cool new spray can vending machine known as Graffomat.