SEXXX-Mass Truth Nuggets and 2010 in Review

Speaking on Jesus' behalf, I would be going cat shit over the fact that people adhere to this concept of being naughty or nice in exchange for gifts. It's his goddamned birthday, you forgetful bastards. Yeah, you might go to midnight mass. But, once that shit ends your balls deep in opening presents and forget all about his vagina friendly birth. Immaculate conception? That shit must've been like "Tom Cruise on Oprah" crazy.

Besides, back in Jesus' day people were more concerned with not being eaten by dinosaurs and making it to the ripe old age of 30. So I'm like almost 100% that he doesn't give a steaming pile of fresh turd juice about how many presents you received or didn't receive. I would think he's more upset that everyone forgets to wish him a happy birthday on his wall.


Moving on, like all blogs around this time of year, I am obligated to share with you some sort of list that recaps the year. So I have been doing a lot of hard thinking as of late in regards to my favorite and least favorite shows I have attended over 2010. Enjoy (to the 4 people that read my posts)!

Least Favorite Shows of 2010

Dishonorable Mention: Classixx @ Brooklyn Bowl, Al-P (of MSTRKRFT) @ Webster Hall, and 2 Many DJ's @ Coachella

# 3 - Ed Banger 7th Anniversary Party: It wasn't that the music was bad, just that Terminal 5 is a terrible venue and Justice's set was a HUGE let down in comparison to the Halloween set I saw a few months earlier. A 45 minute set doesn't do them Justice...

# 2 - Busy P @ Hiro Ballroom: I know that he was totally wasted, and had no interest in mixing songs together, but seriously he should have played something new, or, at the very least, something good. After seeing him almost 5 times now, he seems to be getting worse. Hiro Ballroom was the most recent show I've attended of his, and it will certainly be the last.

# 1 - SebastiAn @ Webster Hall: In the same night as the Ed Banger 7th Anniversary Party, I was hoping that a very rare Sebastian set would ameliorate my already disappointing night. Well, I was wrong. VERY WRONG. He opened with a track that looped a 1 minute sample, and just kept turning up the volume. Not only was that shit track super fucking repetitive (he played it for 10 minutes), it was so loud that all you could hear was distortion. Then the rest of the set was completely unmixed, and just sounded absolutely horrid. No wonder he doesn't do sets often...

Favorite Shows of 2010

Honorable Mention: Erol Alkan @ Electric Zoo, Aeroplane @ Coachella, and Vitalic @ Webster Hall

# 3 - YUKSEK (DJ Set) @ Hiro Ballroom: Nothing will compare to his live sets (best show I've ever seen) but his DJ set was still fucking awesome. I guess I should preface that this was not just Yuksek performing. It was actually Yuksek and Brodinski dj'ing together under the stage name The Krays. However, it was blatantly obvious when Yuksek was laying down tracks. Even so, the two together were phenomenal for a DJ set (and I think I was the only person there that didn't speak French).

# 2 - Chemical Brothers @ Electric Zoo: I remember first hearing them back when they dropped Block Rockin' Beats when I was 11. Since then I have listened and bought most of their work, which I have highly enjoyed throughout the years. However, though I have always put them in the highest echelon of electronic artists, their sound just isn't as fresh as Daft Punk's. So in regards to highly touted/budgeted tours of EDM greats, Chemical Brother's absolutely AMAZING video/light show comes in second behind Daft Punk's 2006-2007 world tour. Still, it was hands down best show at E Zoo, even though they lost power with 15 minutes left to go (only to regain it 5 minutes later and finish their set).

# 1 - The Twelves @ Santos Party House: I didn't even debate the possibility of putting the Chemical Brother's outrageous set in the number 1 spot. The fact is that the Twelves' are just that good that I almost put them in the #1 & #2 spot for both times I saw them this year. They have no gimmicks, and just string together their unreal remixes in the funkiest of ways. I don't know what else to say, but for you to go see them!

Well that's it for this year, but looking forward to a new year of a shows!!


Let's see ZERO emotion in your face.

From LACA it's Canned Heat. Here are their two big hits. My favorite member, Alan Wilson (AKA Blind Owl) wrote most of the songs.


sah mach sah graht

Hands down to magma depths earth's core. LSD rock, go.

The Smoke - My Friend Jack

The Lords - Poor Boy

The Pretty Things - Come See Me


triple dog dare

Jason Schwartzman's band Coconut Records is really good. These two songs are off of Davy.


Human After All

So in 5 more days Daft Punk is set to release their newest album. As I am sure you know, its not a true studio album, rather its the musical score to the second installment of the Tron series. Still, I know that everyone on earth is all up in arms, being like, "I can't fucking wait for the new Daft Punk album to come out!!!" As one of those individuals, I have decided to step back from all the excitement to prepare myself for potential disappointment.

Despite being hands down the best electronic music tandem, I can't remember the last time I got down to a musical score. Since the album will feature a full orchestra, it only aids the presumption that Daft Punk intends for this to be heard in coordination with the movie, not a dance floor.

In a recent Pitchfork interview, Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter explained his rationale for implementing classical music and live instruments in their new album, "A cello was there 400 years ago and will still be here in 400 years. But synthesizers that were invented 20 years ago will probably be gone in the next 20." That sounds great and is a testament to their abilities, but I wanted a vintage French House album. If you remove the 808 drum machine and synths that made you famous, what are we left with? Not another Discovery or Homework, that's for sure.

It has taken 5 years for Daft Punk to put out a new album, and I am hopeful it will be better than the pre-released single Derezzed that came out on Itunes a few weeks back. Regardless, it's still Daft Punk, and everything they touch usually turns to gold. Even if it does sound more like a movie score than a dance album, I am sure its going to be a damn good soundtrack. But for now, I will wait and continue to listen to these classic radio mixes that still blow my mind.