On the road again...

"Everyone goes home in October." So wrote Kerouac, ruminating on his travels criss-crossing the post war American landscape. But guess what? It's November. Actually, it's almost December, for Christ's sake. I came home in October, and you know what? It's fucking boring.

I'm ready for the open road again. Who cares that it's going to be freezing cold, with snow blanketing the ground, breath freezing as it leaves your mouth, crystalizing at your lips in the chilly winter air. I've never had an adventure that was comfortable. In truth, adventure is nothing more than a romantic retrospective of one's suffering.

Now before I scare you off with my masochistic philosophical ranting, let me get to my point. Music can be an adventure, too. Unfortunately, it isn't always; everyone has different tastes, but I believe that a good song is partially defined by its ability to surprise you, to get you out of your comfort zone and push you into new sonic territory. I share this with you because it happened to me like 10 minutes ago...I was pushed.

Spectre Folk is harsh, lo-fi, and nostalgia-invoking . Their singer may be nothing special, and their chord progressions have all been done, but then again that can be said about everyone. They don't shred quite so much as they evoke. Fuck it, I'm rambling and I'd rather be rocking out than typing and editing this shit. Crank your volume and listen to the damned song already.

My mom hates my mohawk.

For You

dreamage by Emily Diamond on Grooveshark


Bleed Red White and Blued

The U.S. Girls sound a bit like Siouxsie and the Banshees on a warm vacation in a dark cave. In other words, they're all that and a slice of Vinnie's vegan pizza. Meghan Remy is U.S. Girls and the song I am featuring is from her third full-length release U.S. Girls on Kraak.

Listen to The Island Song


What happened to Rock N' Roll? Let me tell you...

For the past couple of weeks I've been in a bit of a musical slump. I began asking bleak questions, like "Am I doomed to be an aural malcontent?" and "Is this what we've come to? Dubstep?" (Wub wub wub, wub wub wub). NO, I say! Never!! Rock n' roll will never die, and neither will I!!!

Widowspeak will carry the torch, channeling Mazzy Star (who finally reunited!), The Concretes, even a little Dum Dum Girls. So when the smokey haze of burned turkeys finally clears, turn up the volume and shake that fucking tush. At least that's what I'll be doing.

Happy Thanksgiving, you rebel scum.


Thanks for Living

I am going to be dancing to this all week long. Goes without saying, this is best played LOUDLY.



Get schooled.

One of the best songs ever written is Goodbye Horses by Q Lazarus. This is an indisputable fact, similar to the truth that kittens are cute and six-packs of tall boy cans are a better deal. Now, while going through my files (I call them that) I found a cover of my favorite song that I have not yet stopped to listen to, which made me seek out some more covers. Are they as good as the original? Do any carry the cinematic and creepy weight of the original? No, but try to listen and take it each as a separate entity keeping in in mind that anyone who deems it worth their time to cover one of the best songs ever written must be awesome. Here I give you the Goodbye Horses original video followed by some crazed covers. Let's be real. They all kind of suck compared to the original. But blogs are about getting culture up in their readers and Gangster Legs is no different in this regard.

Kele (of Bloc Party fame)


Fat Phaze (Daclan Remix)

Harlem (one of my favorite bands)

The Harvey Girls


Brain RAPE Massage

Where do I find myself in 20 years. A new life as a lesbian supermodel. No one can defeat me. I am a rape victim of justice. I need to find a load of nickels I left in my back pocket. Sometimes life defeats me but then I watch television.

Commonality is the store I often miss during my shapeshifting loads of crap. I sometimes find reality is where I left the last vestige of my mind. Weirdly, god lives in a milkshake. His voicemail is always full.

It's to time to set the record straight. I realized this last night. Trees are usually faster than this.

When you get down on yourself, sing a song about taking a right on red. Whatever happened to line dancing on a personal mirror? I find I am quite inflexible like an orange. I am so fat. Time to talk to my urologist.

My time is up. I forgot to brush my teeth.


Muskrat Love

Colorado duo Gauntlet Hair came out with a new release in October. It is grand! The first two songs are off the new self-titled album and the last two are older but sweet!

Keep Time

Top Bunk

Our Scenery

I Was Thinking...

Give Pain a Chance

This is a really good song. Give it some time because it gets better. At first I was like whatever and then? Then I was like DO IT DO IT. Then I listened to it again.

Fun info from the comments section. Reliable? I think so.

"its a song that missy created and wanted tpain to do a verse on for her upcoming album block party. tpain then produced it and killed the song, somehow it leaked but missys part isnt even on there and theres speculation that the other verse is from andree 3000 , so its save to say we should here a new version of this soon" - kevinosika


Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension, Mind Dimension...

Hi Everybody,
I'm sick today and writing this blog post from my bed. FYI it's really hard to use a laptop keyboard whilst lying down, in bed, while sick. My WPM has been slashed significantly, and its almost as bad as one handed typing IMHO.

Regardless, my sched thus far has incorporated a.) a lot of sleeping, b.) a lot of coughing, and c.) a lot of crying. Snot precipitation has been scattered throughout the day, thus perpetuating this cold front my body is experiencing. However, I expect things to better throughout the day, with a high chance of clear skies by tomorrow morning.

In the interim, I wanted to bring your attention to a fan fav of mine. His name is Tiga. He is Canadian, which is good because he speaks French which makes him A LOT COOLER than anyone on planet earth. He also makes electronic music, which is crazy because who listens to that shit anyway?

...but the real reason I wanted to introduce you to Tiga is that his humour is quite dry, sarcastic, and, often times, ridiculous. This is an interview with him wearing Crocks. Enjoy!